Polo shirts for women

What is a polo shirts for women?

Shirt is a garment for the upper part of the body made of light fabric with buttons. Initially, the polo shirts for womenwas the subject of underwear, and only in the XIX century, it began to be worn in everyday life. It happened in the US during the Civil War – shirts were part of the uniform of both warring parties. Women start wearing men s shirts at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to their democratization of Coco Chanel and the general emancipation of women.

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Who wears a polo shirts for women?

In the 1940s, shirts became especially common, due to the great popularity of the deuce costume. Today, polo shirts for women have almost lost sex – to determine whether it is male or female, it is possible only sometimes and only in size. By the way, many stylists include a men s white polo shirts for women in the list of basic things of women is wardrobe – it is considered a universal garment. In addition, men often find girls in men s polo shirts for women more sexy than in ordinary women s blouses (even silk or chiffon). However, it is important to add to this shirt exclusively feminine accessories – for example, classic boats, a pencil skirt with an unusual print and a clutch envelope.

How to wear a polo shirts for women

Clear rules governing the dress only this style of polo shirts for women and no other-no. It all depends on your taste, body build, desired image. polo shirts for women with a classic silhouette allows you to feel comfortable in any situation and does not constrain movement. If you have a thin build, then it is not recommended to wear a classic fit shirt, since the probability of hanging the fabric on the sides is high. This is not good.