Skirts with fringes

What is a skirts with fringes?

Historically, the skirts with fringes is a primordially feminine detail of the wardrobe (not counting the eccentric Scots). The skirts with fringes has undergone a huge number of the most unthinkable changes. She overgrew flounces and ruches, tightened the figure of a woman in tight clasp-corsets, preventing normal movement. Then she flew to the base of her legs, turning from maxi to micro.

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People did not immediately divide clothes into masculine and feminine, for thousands of years they saw no need for it.
Ancient Greek women and Romans did without skirts, their clothes consisted mainly of tunic or tunic and cloak.
Strictly speaking, the skirts with fringes is part of the clothing from the waist downwards.

What do we know about skirts with fringes?

The skirt was of a variety of colors and styles, and yet the figure of a girl in a stylish skirts with fringes invariably evoked admiration at all times. A long skirt, as well as a skirt of midi length really should take a mandatory place in our wardrobe.

In this age of emancipated, self-sufficient, confident women, skirts with fringes periodically go into the background for the convenience and practicality of trousers. But, no matter what, there are always adherents of feminine clothing.

Fashion is always inextricably linked with man. Variable nature of women, the desire for changes in appearance, is reflected in collections of fashion houses. From the fashion podiums, clothes are sent to the thirsty hands of bold stars, bloggers and shocking celebrities.